ZENOLOGY Environmentally Friendly Toiletries


Environmentally Friendly Toiletries

ZENOLOGY brings hotel luxury home through sensible, luxurious, quality beauty and lifestyle products. A fragrance drive lifestyle brand, where each product has been expertly crafted to deliver a fully immersive olfactive experience.

ZENOLOGY is about finding balance between nature and science. Creating sensible, luxurious, quality beauty and lifestyle products.
At ZENOLOGY we aim to be as green as possible. Nature is our shared responsibility, and we believe that each of us can make a difference. Our products are free from skin and environmentally unfriendly ingredients.
We care & consider, about the product, about you and about nature.

ZENOLOGY’s 360° program for clients desiring prestige fragrances and design driven brand, which seeks to reduce its environmental impact by providing cosmetics with high quality clean formulas suitable for all skin and hair types with gentle, high concentration of active ingredients (used in the most effective way) offered in biodegradable packaging.

Originated in the hotel industry, ZENOLOGY is designed to elevate the staying experience through the comfort of quality and the power of scent, all with care for the environment.
We aim to raise expectations of luxury by stimulating all the senses with our ambiance fragrances and cosmetics. Allowing you to revel in the feeling of being looked after.
Each of our trademark fragrances tell a different story. Allowing you to travel into your own place of luxury and comfort.

ZENOLOGY offers luxury in a conscious way.

ZENOLOGY fuses active botanicals with the power of vitamins, balancing nature with science. Skin and environmentally friendly, free from artificial colors.
Most ingredients are from renewable sources and represent the fusion of active botanicals and the power of vitamins. The products do not contain environmental and skin unfriendly ingredients, neither do the formulas present allergenic nor artificial colors.

ZENOLOGY ® products do not contain parabens, sulfates, SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate), petrolatum, mineral oils, synthetic colors, silicones, microplastics, animal ingredients.
The active ingredients in all our cosmetics are added in the concentration that provide optimal effectiveness. Each product for hair, hand and body has been carefully composed to deliver the most nourishing, soothing and protective components, measured to benefit you the most.

100% recycled PCR packaging (Post Consumer Resin) + 100% Biodegradable packaging.

Available fragrances:

Long regarded as one of the cornerstones of Japanese and Chinese culture, the tea ceremony is a quintessential expression of aestheticism and philosophy in perfect harmony. Black Tea, made from leaves of the Camellia Sinensis, will fill any space with its comforting and purifying woody steam.

NOTES: Black Tea, Clary Sage, Guaiac Wood

Uplifting zesty oils release a fine mist of invigorating energy by the sparkling burst of a juicy mandarin peel.

NOTES: Mandarin, White Florals, Green Tea

Sycamore Fig is sophisticated and fruity, reminiscent of a fresh fig ripened in the warm African sun. All elements of the fig tree: The freshness of its sappy leaves, the warmth of the wood and the sensuality of the ripe fruit all blended in one harmony.

NOTES: Fig, Magnolia, Wood