Christofle Silverware
Christofle silverware can be washed in the dishwasher, provided that you follow a few simple rules:
•   Before the first use, wash your silverware by hand with a gentle liquid dish detergent.
•   In the dishwasher, use traditional, chlorine-free powders or tablets. Do not use liquid or gel products, which often contain chlorine.
•   If you use a water softening product in the dishwasher, avoid washing your silverware during the first cycle.
•   Follow dishwasher instructions concerning the hardness of the water. Water with a high mineral content can be corrosive.
•   Do not wash knives manufactured before 1968 in a dishwasher.
Christofle offers specially-formulated cleaning products that will make silverware care easy and effective. After using each of these products, rinse in clean water and wash as usual.
•   For Flatware : Flashargent
•   Rapid tarnish removal liquid: Dip pieces in this highly-concentrated liquid for just a few seconds and traces of tarnish will disappear. Do not leave flatware in Flashargent for a long time. Do not let stainless steel blades come into contact with Flashargent.
•   For Stainless Steel: Stainless Steel Cleaner. Easily removes discolorations from stainless steel including knife blades.
•   For Daily Care: Silversmith’s Mitts or Chamois Cloth: Treated with a Christofle polishing agent, they are simple to use. Quickly produces a beautiful shine without the mess.
•   Also For Silverware: Anti-tarnish Liquid, Silversmith’s Paste and Silverware Natural Spray