Useful Hints – Table



Porcelain is fine, translucent and strong and therefore ideal for use in the home. Our plain white porcelain is fired twice – a biscuit firing and a glaze firing – and is dishwasher and microwave safe. Decorated porcelain is fired for a third time.

Our coloured porcelain may have been decorated in one of the following ways:
•   hand-painted / hand sprayed
•   transfer (sometimes referred to as decal; applied either ‘in-glaze’ or ‘on-glaze’)

We recommend the following care instructions for our porcelain:
•   most of our porcelain is microwave and dishwasher safe and is back-stamped accordingly on the base

•   plain white porcelain is dishwasher safe

•   plain white porcelain may be warmed in the oven but is not oven-proof

•   items that are NOT marked dishwasher safe should be hand washed

•   do not put any items with a metallic décor in the microwave

Our dishwasher safe guidelines are subject to testing under the following conditions:
•   dishwasher run on a cool cycle
•   a mild detergent is used
•   tested for up to 25 washes