Useful Hints – Decorations


Decorative Crystal

Crystal gathers dust. Whether on display or in storage, crystal needs to be cleaned using a specific method. Crystal on display should sparkle, and crystal used for dining or drinking should be cleaned before and after use. It helps to know how to clean crystal of various kinds in order to keep your crystal preserved properly.

•   Wipe decorative crystal objects, such as chandeliers, figurines, pendants, lamps, picture frames, bookends, etc. with a soft, lint-free cloth dampened in a warm water solution of mild detergent and white vinegar.
°   The warm water solution is a mixture of 1 oz. (0.113652 metric cup) mild detergent and 1/4 cup (0.028413 metric cup) of white vinegar because white vinegar will add shine to the crystal.
°   Lint-free cloths are absorbent without leaving behind lint or streaks on your crystal.

•   Wash decorative crystal containers with wide openings, such as some vases or bowls, before and after each use.
°   Fill the item with the warm water solution.
°   Use a baby’s bottle brush to move a sponge or soft cloth around the inside of the item.
°   Empty and rinse with clear warm water.

•   Wash decorative containers with narrow openings, such as decanters or bottles, with the warm water mixture.
°   Fill the container half full.
°   Add 1/4 to 1/2 cup (0.028413 to 0.056826 metric cup) of dry white rice or crushed egg shells to the container.
°   Shake the item vigorously so that the water and rice mixture sloshes around in order to clean the insides of the container.
°   Empty the item and rinse with clean warm water.