Sanitising Stations


Handmade in Italy

Dressed with the finest Italian leather and boasting carefully crafted marquetry, automatic touchless hand sanitiser dispensers with a capacity of 800ml are ideal for hotels, yachts, offices, shops, private residences and interiors in general, especially the ones with potential high traffic areas. It helps maintaining a clean environment and reduces the spread of germs by offering easy access to hand sanitiser.

Equipped with removable drip CORIAN tray ( Corian® is a highly resistant material, while the decorative leather cover is fixed on a safe area, which allows to avoid damage due to alcohol.)

Specially designed new practical kits to keep masks, gloves, tissues and hand sanitiser in one place. A smart solution for stores, showrooms, hotels or meeting rooms, and also available with a stand, it is ideal to maintain a clean and sanitised environment. Perfect for keeping your rooms clean and sanitised.

A complete range of new practical sanitising kits equipped with manual or touchless dispensers available as single trays or as complete stations on a walnut wood stand.

An instant touch of class ideal for halls and entrances.