Scents determine the immaterial architectures of our life. They arouse emotions and memories, and accompany moments.

The exclusive fragrances by Locherber Milano are designed to make places and situations special. Unique and all-embracing creations are the result of more than forty years of experience in the cosmetics sector, of natural active ingredients and carefully selected raw materials.

It is a new concept of fine living that takes know-how to an artistic dimension, based on all-Italian creativity.

Locherber Milano pursues harmony generated from a balance of the five senses and can even include a sixth, that archaic and primitive power in each one of us, which inevitably drives us towards beauty and wellbeing.

Available in various models of room diffusers, room sprays, candles, scented sachets

Available Fragrance Collections :

Oud, Mannequin, Venetiae

Aramaik, Medeleine Rose, Kyushu Rice, Rhubarbe Royale, Azad Kashmere, Bourbon Vanilla, Linen Buds, Habana Tobacco, Klinto 1817, Dokki Cotton, Inuit, Malabar Pepper, Hejaz Incense

Spa Essence, Absolute Green Tea, Tangerine and Cinnamon, Baltic Amber, Fig and Rose of Tabriz