Personalised Items

Whether an Owner or Charterer, everytime you set foot on a luxury superyacht you know you are entering a world of exclusivity, service and fun.  Every experience is different, whether the adventure holiday or simply to escape the madding crowd, everyone has their own reasons to make these incredible trips.  It has always been the tradition to offer Guests souvenirs of their visits to serve as a reminder of the wonderful time you had on the yacht and the beautiful places you visited.

Riviera Beauty has developed, and now offers, a large range of bespoke and customised souvenirs.   Water bottles, stuffed toys, hats, bags, interior and exterior games and a multitude of other gifts and items, branded with the name of the yacht (or whatever you desire) that captures the essence of the experience of your time onboard.  These souvenirs can also make great gifts for friends and family who were not able to join you on your trip and can also be a unique way to share your experience with others and show them how much you enjoyed your time on the yacht.