Magnetic System

No more falling, sliding or rattling dishes + completely new, very space-saving storage solution.

MUST-HAVE for CARAVANING & BOATING: Perfectly integrated magnets in the bottoms of drinking cups, crystal glasses, porcelain cups and, brand new, plates and bowls.

Ice-cold drinks from real crystal and high-quality plastic glasses on the high seas? With the magnetic system, that’s exactly what’s possible. Traveling has never been more relaxed, stowing has never been easier and boating dishes have never been more noble.

Our young start-up from the Bavarian Forest is revolutionising the worldwide drinkware market with THE magnetic invention. Whether in planes, trains, mobile homes, on the water, at home or in autonomous cars in the future – the magnetic drinkware find their perfectly matched counterpart in flexible, metallic NANO-PADS or metallic accessories that have already been specially developed. The glasses and cups are magically fixed and the annoying problem of falling glasses is finally solved.

A hand-cast magnet is embedded in the base of crystal and plastic glasses. The magnetic glasses adhere to the matching counter poles i.e. to the metal-nano-gel-pads, the metal-nano-gel-mats as well as the metal-nano-gel-placemats. All pads, mats and placemats guarantee a safe stand even in strong waves on the high seas and that although they are removable, washable and reusable.