Aesop was established in Melbourne, Australia in 1987. They formulate superlative, unisex products to nourish the skin, hair and body. They combine botanical and scientifically-proven ingredients to create efficacious products that protect the skin.

As a company, they focus their efforts on the contents of the jar through rigorous scientific research, rather than wasting energy on excessive packaging, celebrity endorsement or empty promises. They believe in an honest and genuine approach with their customers where ageing is celebrated, not concealed, and individuality is a virtue.

Product Philosophy
Aesop advocates an uncomplicated approach to skin care to complement their customer’s way of life. They believe in three simple steps for nourishing the skin: cleanse, tone and hydrate. They care about the health of skin rather than obsessing over its appearance.

With the understanding that the skin constantly responds to the environment, their products are formulated to protect against pollutants, air conditioning, seasonal weather and other stressors.

As a company, they ignore product trends and industry conventions by only formulating products to maintain skin health, and in response to genuine customer needs. They respect their customers and communicate with them honestly about their products. They never pray on insecurities or make false claims to sell their products.

While skin care is the heart of Aesop, they also offer a range of hair and body formulations, as well as personal care and home items. All their formulations are born out of the same principles